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Josh Lamancusa

 District Attorney










The Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office is a proud member of the Board of Directors

of the Lawrence County Animal Relief Fund.  The Office of the District Attorney is primarily responsible for the prosecution of all crimes committed within Lawrence County, including the prosecution of individuals charged with acts of animal abuse and/or cruelty.  The District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement agencies are also responsible for the investigation and discovery of any act of abuse or cruelty towards animals of any kind.  In furtherance of this mission the District Attorney shall seek funding for the hiring of a Humane Officer.  This officer shall be part of the District Attorney’s Office and shall be dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of individuals committing crimes against animals. 

    “I believe that we have a duty and a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and this duty extends to animals as well.  Animal abuse and/or cruelty should never be permitted nor tolerated within a community, and I will prosecute all individuals responsible forcriminal acts against animals.”

        Joshua Lamancusa


To report animal abuse in Lawrence County,
please call Toll Free (855)870-8081


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