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Cindy's Corner Pet Memorium









We have seen many loved ones whether they be animal or man come and go in our lives. One person that has inspired LC-ARF! to come alive was the late Cindy Germaine. A woman of integrity and honor who showed nothing but love to animals. Cindy was a teacher for children that were deaf or had a different disability. "She always had a dog in the house for them," said her mother, Lillian Germaine.  Taking in not only children but animals and giving them a place to stay, food to eat, and a warm bed to sleep in. Lillian stated, "She would just take any animal that was abandoned or hurt and help them." This not only showing tenderness but also showing love. This woman left behind a great and beautiful legacy that we, as people, don't see on a daily basis.



If there is a loved one of yours that passed on that loved animals or a favorite pet that you would like to donate to LC-ARF! in honor of them? Then click here and print out the donation sheet and fill out the information that is asked along with a message that you would like up on this web page. Then, send it to the following address:

P.O. Box 8514
New Castle, PA  16107


In honor of Cindy Germaine, her cousin wrote a piece telling how she had influenced him.

   "I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you all about my Eagle project. As many know my project including building two aviaries at the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania Wildlife Center. I chose this because since a very young age I have had a passion for animals that astounded my family. I can attribute this passion to two people in my life. The first would be my Grandma Bea. I once spent a week at my grandparent's house during which I watched my grandma's compassion for wildlife and fed off of it. The second person to influence my passion for animals was my cousin Cindy Germaine. As many of you may not know my family suffered a terrible loss this past November when Cindy passed away unexpectedly. 
    Cindy was an amazing person who had a passion for animals that dwarfed mine. Her love for animals ranged from her dogs that she spoiled to the smallest creature that she met through her life. She fueled my passion for wildlife through our numerous conversations about everything from wildlife documentaries she saw to the mourning dove that built a nest outside her window. No matter what animal she brought into her life, or rather stumbled into her life, she always treated it like one of her kids. Most of her stories that I can remember are those that included her horses, her show dog, a bison Dusty, or her beloved Papillion, Toby. Because of her passion, mine began to grow until animals were the focus of my life. I can't even remember her talking about any animal. as lowly as a lowly spider, with the slightest tinge of disgust. She often talked to me about her dream of one day combining my knowledge with her passion for animals to open a boarding kennel and a wildlife rehabilitation center. if any human or animal needed her help, she showed them that her generosity and compassion had no end. I remember one day when she called and told me that she found a baby bird in her back yard. Although she passed on before she could reach her dream, I hope that through my Eagle project of helping to give orphaned and injured birds the chance to fly again. I have  allowed her to rest peacefully, knowing that her precious animals are being cared for. That is why I would like to dedicate my Eagle project to Cindy and name "Giving Cindy Wings"













In Loving Memory of...









Cindy Germaine
You are sadly missed. Thank you for your generous spirit and may it continue to bless all of us





A memorial contribution for Cindy Germaine was made by
Lillian Germaine




A memorial contribution for Cindy Germaine was made by
Meghan McKisick




A memorial contribution for Marjorie McKisick was made by
Anne Marie Cenname




A memorial contribution for Marjorie McKisick was made by
Lillian Germaine




A memorial contribution for Eleanor Caroluk was made by
Sam Caroluk
Our supervisor, co-worker, and friend. For her kindness
and generosity to all living creatures.
She will live in our hearts forever.




A memorial contribution was made for Joseph J. Kapraly by
Karen Panella












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